Discover Our Farm in Switzerland


We are a Swiss company that is fully sourced in Switzerland and also produces entirely in Switzerland.

Our production costs are therefore also in Swiss francs, which obliges us to guarantee the best quality and consistency with our edible insect farms for an indisputably competitive price.

Our experience is based on more than 25 years of know-how with insect breeding. In addition, Entomos is the first company in Switzerland to obtain permission to grow and sell edible insects in Switzerland. This know-how coupled with our pioneering spirit means that our efforts to contribute to a strong, innovative, competitive, state-of-the-art, and more sustainable Switzerland are every day a huge motivation and responsibility. We are motivated to open the door to a new nutritional era of the edible insects in Switzerland, which is a smart alternative to meet the huge food challenges ahead of us.


Facility location: Schwerzistrasse 34, 8807 Freienbach, Schwyz, Switzerland

Are all the Entomos edible insects really 100% Swiss made?

Not yet all! We still need a few weeks to deliver ONLY organically produced Swiss insects. The products not Swiss made by Entomos come from the EU and are labeled accordingly. If you want to be notified when all our Acheta and Locusta are organically made in Switzerland by Entomos, please subscribe to our newsletter (at the button of the page).


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